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Prom Gown Registry

Make sure you shop at a prom store that has a gown registry. At The Red Carpet Prom in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania we have a state of the art prom gown registry that will not allow us to sell the same dress in the same color to any dance. Your prom is the biggest night of your high school experience. Make sure you are the only one at the dance with your dress. We also carry Cool Book gowns that are exclusive to The Red Carpet Prom. We take your gown registry serious. We want you to be the only one at your Prom with Your gown.

Cool Book comes to The Red Carpet Prom

The Cool Book prom gowns are coming to The Red Carpet Prom in New Jersey and Maryland. The Cool Book is an exclusive group of Prom shops that have 154 gowns that are only available to Cool Book stores.  The Red Carpet Prom has been invited to join The Cool Book because of the volume of gowns that we sell. We are the largest prom gown retailer on the East coast. Our 3 locations Sewell, NJ, Wayne, NJ, and Perryville MD. assure we have the largest inventory and stock for prom. The Cool Book will be mailed to Junior and Senior prom girls in early January. To make sure you get yours go to and add your address. We keep a gown registry and will not sell the same dress in the same color to any school dance.